Stanley Hagler Jewelry by Mark Mercy

Vintage jewels for the modern woman
A History of Mark Mercy

Mark Mercy was born in Brooklyn, New York.  From the time he was a small child, Mark had an interest in design.  One of his first jobs was with a toy company.  Mark took to the opportunity creating miniatures for doll houses.  He loved the fine details, right down to creating each individual plank, for the hard wood flooring.  He had a passion for sketching and drawing.
Meeting Stanley Hagler:

Mark Mercy met Stanley Hagler through his Uncle Mr. Hanold in 1979.  Stanley offered Mark an apprenticeship in his New York City studio and Mark gladly accepted.  Mark learned the trade from Stanley over the next few years. 
Mark Mercy's influence:

Mark immediately took to this type of intricate details and design.  He began creating his own designs for Stanley's jewelry lines.  Mark also introduced a different flavor into the Stanley Hagler Company, creating the first theme based pieces, Christmas wreaths, trees, butterflies, wildflower baskets and bouquets are among the most popular.  These were mainly one of a kind pieces, as mass production, was too expensive.
The move to Florida
Stanley Hagler decided to move to south Florida.  He requested that Mark make the move with the company.  After much thought, Mark agreed.  They arrived in South Florida in 1983.  Stanley decided to change his name tags to read Stanley Hagler N.Y.C. to keep the prestigious New York City on his work.  Previously they read Stanley Hagler.  For more tag information, please see our Tag pics.
Stanley Hagler had major health problems soon after moving to South Florida. Mark single-handedly ran the business. Stanley made the offer to Mark for a future in the company, not as an employee, but as a partner.  Mark agreed and worked with Stanley Hagler to create some of the most beautiful, collectible jewelry there is today.  In 1993, Mr. Hagler became gravely ill.  He could not maintain the pace of his business.  
Branching out
Mark branched out to create the M&M Designs label.  He specialized in ornate tiaras and large custom pieces.  He contributed to the Stanley Hagler lines as well.  Stanley was too ill to design at this point.  Sadly, Stanley passed away in 1996. 
The Stanley Hagler name goes on:

Mark has kept the rights to the Stanley Hagler N.Y.C. name and M&M Designs Fla.  Mark has all of the original, vintage, component pieces of the Stanley Hagler lines.  This allows for the same high quality pieces to be produced.  
Mark takes great pride in his work.  He is a stickler for details and it shows!  Mark uses only the finest materials such as Swarovski crystals, Russian Gold plating, seed pearls, vintage glass and Venetian glass beads.   

The jewelry name M&M Designs Fla. and Stanley Hagler N.Y.C. are well known throughout the finest stores and boutiques in the US, Japan, England, Germany, France, Australia and Switzerland.  Mark has designed pieces worn by Ivana Trump, Barbara Walters, Madeleine Allbright, Susan Lucci, Candace Bergen and numerous others.  His designs can frequently be seen in Soap Operas, major movies and television programs.  
On a personal note:

Mark lives on the coast of Central Florida with his wife and two children. They share a historical Craftsman home.  Mark has a weakness for antique garden statuary and fountains.  As his hobby, he is an avid landscape designer incorporating his antique treasures into his tropical landscapes.  

To meet Mark, standing at an impressive 6'2" with broad shoulders and a big smile, it is hard to believe that such a large man can create such intricate, delicate, details. Mark not only creates jewelry, he creates cherished heirlooms.